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No notes for slide. ILM Level 5 docx revision no 1 1. I joined the company in as a process operator which was part of the expansion recruitment drive and in I was appointed manufacturing Shift Team Manager for Crew E reporting directly to the Site super-intendant.

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To understand how I am perceived as a manager and a leader, and how I perceive myself I have undertaken various management style analyses and studied various theories, of which are analysed over the following pages 5. My top 5 talent results are as follows and my interpretation of how it fits in my role as a Manager.

Achiever — as an Achiever you are seen to work hard and take satisfaction from being busy and productive, within the role as a team manager it is important to lead by example and show how productive we can be 2. Input — self-development is a major factor within the company, I require the support of my team so I can learn from them and help me develop more effective management styles and a stronger knowledge base 3. Strategic —in my current role each individual requires a certain care and development with a strategy for dealing with each person as an individual than can help me develop my team more effectively 4.

Developer —I see my team as my strength they are also what I am ultimately judged on and identifying each individuals strength and developing those strengths to their maximum potential will ultimately create stronger teams 5.

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Learner — in a learner role I am not afraid to try and learn new skills and self- develop myself and try to understand new things. They are constantly absorbing and analysing information and helping the team make better decisions. They tend to be the people diffusing nasty situations.

Our new ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management

The ones getting involved in conflicts on behalf of broad constituencies, as opposed for their own benefit. However, the style of management from X and Y behavior will change throughout the working environment a theory Y manager will be required to use a theory X approach with some individuals as there are team members, that no matter the nature of the job will only respond to a direct and controlled management style in which case the manager can and rightly assume the Theory X assumptions about these individuals theory X is also important during emergency situations, where directing or taking a leading role could become critical.

Success requires more than IQ Intelligence Quotient , which has tended to be the traditional measure of intelligence, ignoring essential behavioral and character elements. We've all met people who are academically brilliant and yet are socially and inter-personally inept. Emotional intelligence, Bloomsbury Page 34 Emotional Intelligence has received considerable focus over the last few years as the concept has been identified with managing people effectively, Goleman Argues that a more Empathetic style of management is the way forward within businesses.

Understanding the implications of your emotions and that of team members within the workplace, and your own ability to self asses your inner resources, are the key to becoming an emotionally indigent leader, being able to read emotions is an important skill for all managers and leaders to employ, it requires them to understand the individual within the team, and the way in which they react to each and every situation.

We have to be much faster on our feet with both colleagues and clients and whatever the team structure, there is increasing proximity for us to build the relationships we need — fast. Candidate Number BCN Page 11 dealing with people and situations, but will naturally fall back into a their own default style, under normal circumstance After taking the test at www.

Candidate Number BCN Page 12 James I costigan and Marther A Schmeider which looks at the working environment created by supervision it explores if the environment is a supportive or defensive atmosphere, Gibb identified six characteristics of a "supportive environment" and six characteristics of a "defensive one. He characterized a supportive climate as one having pro- visionalism, empathy, equality, spontaneity, problem orientation, and description and a defensive climate as having evaluation, control, strategy, neutrality, superiority, and certainty.

In both cases the team has a supportive structure, which works well allowing for an environment where it is possible for the team manager to support the team as well as develop them, within the team working it this environment, it would also allow for an open and trustworthy relationship that keeps dialogue, honest and valued.

As a leader of my team, direction that I receive comes from many areas such as the needs of the production environment, from my direct manager the Site Super-intendant see appendix 1 department organization and from the employee relations guides ERGs that the company works too, on induction to the company new employees are taken through the expectations of the company.

Leading Your Team - CRC Press Book

The ERGs, they are is what is essentially the backbone, a blueprint of rights and wrongs, and consequences, that keeps every single employee heading in the right direction and keeping focused on the rules, and our expectations as leaders, they act as a point of reference to fall back on and take direction from when making decisions, that can affect the employee for example, Timekeeping, attendance, even general attitudes to each other But rules and regulations do not tell the full story, the general tasks for the day to day running of the plant, crew development long and short term goals can and regularly do change.

STEP 4-Communicate for buy-in - Involve as many people as possible, communicate the essentials, simply, and to appeal and respond to people's needs.

Team SUPER POWER # 7th Leadership Convention - 2019 (Vestige)

De-clutter communications - make technology work for you rather than against. Manageable numbers of initiatives. Finish current stages before starting new ones. Candidate Number BCN Page 15 done via regular information meetings, so if change is required again, the employee will be more prepared STEP 8-Make change stick - Reinforce the value of successful change via recruitment, promotion, and new change leaders.

Communication is the key to success in managing change and taking and receiving direction, Transaction analysis is one of the most popular ways of explaining interpersonal communications , developed by Eric Berne, it is a model of people and relationships although Berne, initially used it as a method of psychotherapy, it has been used to great effect by organizations.

Candidate Number BCN Page 17 where the manager is critical, and the team member is, rebelling or not taking things seriously. On a more formal basis each morning we have a morning meeting, usually 3 hours into a shift, this involves department heads and operations, these are much more structured, but admittedly I do not have much input during these meetings as it is aimed at the department heads getting their own areas covered for work tasks. Sometimes team members need to be addressed for issues they may have caused themselves I have a firm belief on this, I will talk to them formally but privately I will always be calm and never raise my voice, all conversations like this will usually be in a private office, I like to listen to all the facts before I make any judgments, I will again use open questions, and control my body language as best I can.

As some other leaders lack the engagement that I have with my team. M and Porter L.

Download Leading Your Team Super Series Fourth Edition Ilm Super Series 2002

Instrumentality - is the belief that a person will receive a reward if the performance expectation is met. This reward may come in the form of a pay increase, promotion, recognition or sense of accomplishment. Instrumentality is low when the reward is the same for all performances given. Candidate Number BCN Page 21 Expectancy - is the belief thatone'seffortwill result in attainmentof desired performancegoals. Usually based on an individual'spast experience,self-confidence,and theperceived difficulty of theperformance standard orgoal. Factorsassociated with theindividual'sExpectancy perception areself-efficacy,goal difficulty,and control.

Goaldifficulty happenswhen goalsare settoo high or performanceexpectations thatare madetoo difficult are mostlikely to lead to low expectancy. Controlisone'sperceived control overperformance. In orderforexpectancy to be high,individualsmustbelieve thatthey havesome degreeof controlover theexpected outcome. In this model, employees do not act simply because of strong internal drives, unmet needs, or the application of rewards.

Instead, they are rational people whose beliefs, perceptions, and probability estimates influence their behavior from a management standpoint the expectancy theory has some important implications for motivating employees. When a Buddhist achieves a state of nirvana, they are satisfying the fifth and highest — self actualisation….

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The dash for cash is soon replaced by the desire for recognition, status and ultimately the need to express through work. Empowerment is a question of balance a manager must be aware some team members are focused on personal empire building, and not operational objectives, the manager must above all else remain in control, giving empowerment creates a special manager-team member relationship and it is the mutual trust and the retention of control that allows this to work, control should not be so close as to fall into the micro-manager trap, Candidate Number BCN Page 25 generally in the production environment they felt it was a requirement to speak with myself about any issues the encounter to protect me from not knowing the answers when my manager asks me questions regarding potential issues Although my team seem happy and focused, I feel I do not show my authority as much as I probably should, I would like greater flexibility to reward outstanding individuals, but without the cloak and dagger experience that seems to be interwoven into the fabric of the Eastman environment, and I would like better and more flexible working and development plans for new starters within the company, I all job roles it is difficult to offer total empowerment to all individuals, and this is maybe an issue I am missing.

My boss asks me politely to do things, gives me reasons why, and invites my suggestions. I am encouraged to learn skills outside of my immediate area of responsibility. I am left to work without interference from my boss, but help is available if I want it. I am given credit and praise when I do good work or put in extra effort. In a band or choir, every wrong note impacts the performance of the whole ensemble. So musicians receive instant feedback, and develop a clear understanding how their contribution affects the overall performance of the group. At work, sometimes feedback is contained in a silence or a look from a colleague, manager, or direct report.

In order to accelerate your development, try to be open and not defensive, ask for feedback on your performance and listen carefully to the responses. So, as a new manager, identify the key skills you need to develop, and create regular, low-key, quiet opportunities to practice them.

If you would like to invest in ILM approved leadership training for yourself, or your team, we are launching our Step Change to Leadership programme on 26th April, in Windsor. The 3 days of ILM approved training will help you explore and develop a range of leadership styles, creating a fantastic step change in your knowledge, skills and understanding of Leadership.

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Please contact us to see how we can help you invest in your new managers, helping you attract, develop and retain your talent. Learn the 7 reasons people most regularly give for joining our new ILM coaching accreditation programme. Read More. Effective performance management equals a robust process, regular feedback, rock-solid calibration and not a soggy bottom in sight. Skip to content. Category Archives: Leadership. What can new managers learn from young musicians? The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice. What's this got to do with leadership development?

So, what can new managers learn from these young musicians who so impress me? Practice makes perfect : Or at least practice makes better. A good teacher makes all the difference Get yourself a coach, sponsor or mentor, or all three, and book yourself some training. Listen to feedback. In summary So, as a new manager, identify the key skills you need to develop, and create regular, low-key, quiet opportunities to practice them. Contact us to find out more We help new managers become confident leaders.