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And her assessment was correct. So someone being influenced by a demon is not something rare; in the past it happened all the time all over the world. And it was very commonly correctly recognized amongst the Jewish people years ago. And today demon possession also happens all the time all over the world. Satan and his demons are today as active as they have ever been. Satan and the demons have not gone into retirement. I will use the terms " demon influenced " and " influenced by Satan " as synonyms.

Likewise, I use the terms " demon-possessed " and " Satan-possessed " as synonyms. I mention this because in our context there is no need to draw a distinction between a demon influencing or possessing a person, and Satan himself influencing or possessing a person.

It makes no difference whether Satan himself or just one of his demons is involved. The end result for the person affected is the same. Next, in the Greek text of the New Testament there are two different groups of words that are translated as "devils" in the KJV.

On the one hand there is the one Greek word " diabolos "; on the other hand there are the words " daimon ", " daimonion ", " daimoniodes " and " daimonizomai ". The noun "diabolos" is used 38 times in the New Testament, and it is correctly translated as "devil". This word refers specifically to Satan. The nouns "daimon" and "daimonion" are together used 65 times in the New Testament, and they are also translated as "devil", but these nouns refer to demons in general, rather than to Satan the devil himself.

So they should really be translated as "demon" and not as "devil". The adjective "daimoniodes" in James means "demon-like" and it is there translated as "devilish". The verb "daimonizomai" is used 13 times in the New Testament, and it basically means "under the power of a demon". This verb is usually translated in the KJV as "possessed with a devil" or as "vexed with a devil" or as "having a devil".

So the New Testament makes a distinction between Satan himself by using the word "diabolos" for him, and the demons in general by using the words "daimon" and "daimonion" to refer to them. While we should be aware of this distinction in terminology in the Greek text, this distinction does not really affect the matter we are examining here. Now we come to something that is important to understand. Those three levels are as follows:.

This level refers to people who still have full control over their own minds all of the time. Frequently they have also accepted a selfish perspective on life from Satan himself.

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They have typically also accepted a spirit of fear from Satan. Apart from Jesus Christ Himself, every single human being has experienced this "influenced by Satan" level. It applied to Abraham when he told Abimelech that Sarah was "his sister" Genesis It applied to Jacob when he said to his father "I am Esau your firstborn" Genesis It applied to Elijah when he fled because Jezebel had threatened his life 1 Kings It applied to David when he instructed Joab to see to it that Uriah would die in battle 2 Samuel It applied to the Apostle Paul when he was still "breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord" Acts It applied to Adam and Eve when they sinned.

Every single one of us has at various times accepted a way of thinking and reasoning and justifying ourselves that originated with Satan.

El Sombrerón

There are no exceptions I am here obviously excluding Jesus Christ. And since all of us have sinned Romans , etc. Satan had managed to tempt or to deceive us from the outside, but Satan had not managed to take over our thinking; we ourselves remained in control of our own minds. For example, the people who will rebel against Jesus Christ during the millennium i. Gog in the land of Magog in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 will do so without any direct input at all from Satan, because Satan will be bound and unable to influence any human being at that point in time.

This "level two"refers to people who also still have full control over their own minds almost all of the time, except for occasional very brief periods. Thus they have more pride, more selfishness, or even more fear than people who are on "level one". It is their greater degree of pride or fear or resentment or anger or plain selfishness that sets them up for sometimes losing control over their own minds.

And so when their pride or vanity is offended, or when their feelings of fear or anger or resentment are pushed to the limit by external "trigger" circumstances, then these people are in danger of "losing it". The most common manifestation of these people "losing it" we refer to as " they lost their temper ". In those situations we frequently have to physically restrain them from violently attacking the people who offended them or who insulted them, etc. Or they spontaneously launch into uncontrolled verbal outbursts , and nothing is able to appease them during such an outburst.

It is clear that during such outbursts both physical and verbal these people are simply not in control of their own minds! For people on this "level two" generally speaking this lack of control over their own minds lasts anything from a few seconds to perhaps a few minutes. After that they once again are in full control of their own minds. They are in serious danger. For those people where their short episodes of a loss of control over their minds, lasting from a few seconds to less than a minute, are not confronted and dealt with, then it is almost inevitable that these episodes will become longer to perhaps several minutes in duration, and that opens the person up to perhaps later succumbing to "level three" influence by Satan.

Whenever a normally mentally sound person is not in control of his own mind, then that person is always demon-possessed! That is what demon possession looks like, a normally sound person not in control of his own mind! When you are looking at a person who has lost his temper, you are looking at someone who is at that point in time demon-possessed. When you are dealing with a person who has gone into an uncontrolled verbal outburst of anger, you are dealing with a person who is at that point in time demon-possessed!

In these cases it is the demon that is controlling the mind of the person. The demon controls what the person says and how they express their anger and their uncontrolled resentment, etc. Demons are irrational and the people they manage to possess will also be irrational during such episodes. It is futile to try to reason with someone who is in this brief demon possession state.

It is futile to try to reason with someone who has lost his temper. This state of demon possession is generally not recognized today though years ago the Jews in Palestine would have recognized it correctly because it is over so quickly. And then the person is back to normal again.

And then you are able to reason with them and they will respond in ways that tell you that they are once again in control of what they say and do. Now we need to understand that around the world these brief episodes of demon possession happen multiple millions of times every single day! Companies try to sell their services to prospective customers by offering a cheaper monthly rate for the first year, like a tease, in the hopes of thereby catching customers who will develop a desire for their product irrespective of costs.

Sometimes they call it their " special introductory offer rate ". And typically it is only available to new customers. The idea is to give the potential customer the experience of their full product without that potential customer at first having to pay the full price. The full price only comes into effect later , once they are hooked on the product. When people only have to pay the teaser rate price, the product seems like really good value for the money. It looks like people are getting a lot for the small price they have to pay.

So the purpose of such introductory offers is to get people to say: "hey, I really like this; this is good". People are supposed to be distracted from the real price that will only kick in later, once they have come to really like the service. As I mentioned above, on a worldwide basis these brief episodes of demon possession happen multiple millions of times every single day. Let me try to give you a graphic picture of how this happens. In the oceans there are at various times immensely large shoals of fish that migrate to other areas.

For example, every year between May and July there is "the sardine run" off the east coast of South Africa. This is the largest annual migration anywhere on earth, numerically a thousand times greater than the annual migration of wildebeest and zebra in Serengeti. The "sardine run" from Cape Agulhas up the east coast of Africa towards Mozambique is typically from miles long, miles wide, and around feet deep.

It is composed of billions of sardines a type of South African pilchard. Such extremely large shoals of fish represent an enormous supply of easy food for marine predators. These shoals typically attract large numbers of dolphins and seals, and even some whales, as well as seabirds like gannets. All of them get into a feeding frenzy when they come upon these large shoals of fish. On the internet you can find videos of how gannets behave in such situations, illustrating what I am going to say.

When a flock of gannets comes upon such a shoal as "the sardine run", then they fly 50 or so feet above the water. Then they dive into the sea, flapping their wings during the dive to the very last split-second to gain the maximum amount of speed before entering the water like a bullet. They may be propelled as much as 30 feet into the water. During that time they catch whatever hapless sardines are in the way of their open beaks. They then swim to the surface, fly 50 feet or so up into the air, and then repeat the whole process over and over and over again.

They endlessly dive-bomb into the sea to catch whatever small fish may be in their way. They only stop when their stomachs are so full of fish that they have trouble trying to gain sufficient altitude for another dive into the sea. Now that huge shoal of fish is like all of humanity. The gannets are like the demons, looking for people to possess.

And like the gannets, so the demons endlessly "dive-bomb" into humanity, seeking people to possess, even if only for a brief time. As soon as one episode of possession is over, they circle once again to again dive into humanity, seeking whom they might possess this time. They have an endless appetite for possessing people.

Every single day multiple millions of people around the world lose control, either in a physically violent way, or else verbally. And at this stage the people still have too much resistance against any longer periods of demon possession. So the demons curtail these possessions before the possessed people themselves can actually think about what they are doing and what the consequences will be. And mostly we are oblivious to this demonic feeding frenzy going on in the world all around us.

When people experience these "level two" very brief periods of demon possession, they typically respond in one of two ways:. The reason for this response is that during that brief period of demon possession they actually felt more powerful. They saw that people around them were somewhat intimidated by their behavior. And Satan wants the possessed people to feel more powerful during such an episode. Satan wants them to feel that if they allow themselves to again be possessed like that, then they are more likely to get their own way. People around them are more likely to give in to their demands.

Satan in effect says: whenever you really want to get your own way, just let me come into you for a very short time and help you, and you will get your own way far more often than when you refuse my offer of help. I can give you power. And my services are free. And because these periods of possession are so brief, it seems that they are free, that there is no price to pay.

Of course that is not true, but the real price is not yet apparent to people. There seem to be no undesirable aftereffects, as far as the people who respond this way can tell. After all, they themselves are again in full control of their own minds. And they have experienced the exhilarating effects of feeling more powerful. And so some people respond with excitement and pride to such brief episodes. And those people who are actually proud of their "hot temper" are in effect proud of being demon possessed for brief periods of time.

The reason for this response is that they realize that they themselves were in fact not in control of their own minds when they said or did whatever they said or did during that brief episode. And that is very scary for them. They realize that they were in effect manipulated by some outside force. They know that they were taken advantage of, very much like a woman who was made drunk by some man so that he could then rape her. These people know that during that brief period of possession they were "spiritually raped"; i. And that is extremely scary for people with this type of response.

I have no explanation for why I said or did those things, or what came over me to do that or to say that. What "had come over them" was a demon who had taken control of their minds for a very brief period of time. This individual is in fact far more likely to guard his mind much more carefully in the future.

But if it does go so far that someone does experience this "level two" and worldwide this happens multiple millions of times every single day! Needless to say, Satan does not really want this response of fear at all from individuals who experience his "level two" influence on their lives. This response does not make someone a good candidate for "level three". One more point to note here: For "level two" influence from Satan the affected person does not need anyone to "cast out" the demon! During the long periods between "level two" bouts the person is in fact capable of setting his own mind to in the future resist losing his temper when he is provoked, and to resist "flying off the handle" when he is hurt or insulted by others.

Episodes of "level two" experiences do not yet require divine intervention from God to deal with the problem. At this stage people still have access to enough power to do so themselves, though it will take a very determined effort. Is the individual himself in full control over his own mind, or is an outside force able to impose itself on his mind?

Likewise, any individual who does not realize that he must at all times exercise full control over his own mind also becomes a candidate for "level two". Satan also easily preys on naive people, who in the Bible are referred to as "simple ones void of understanding" e. Proverbs Whenever a thoroughly drunk person says or does foolish things that he cannot remember the next day, then he said or did those foolish things while he was demon-possessed; i. And so those thoughts had not even entered into his short-term memory bank.

While he was drunk, his mind had been "raped" by a demon. Likewise, when people use hallucinogenic drugs, then they become demon-possessed, and the demon then stirs up "an electric storm" in their brains, producing all the weird hallucinations they then experience.

So people who want to see the use of hallucinogenic drugs legalized are people who want more ready access to demon possession. You must always retain full control over your own mind! Never engage in any activity that would weaken your own control over your own mind. Besides not getting drunk and not taking hallucinogenic drugs, you should also never allow yourself to be hypnotized. Anyone who attempts to hypnotize you is in effect attempting to get you to hand over control over your own mind to them.

And while you are hypnotized the hypnotist attempts to take full control of your mind. That is a very, very dangerous situation to be in. But it will have set a precedent that under certain circumstances you are prepared to relinquish control over your mind, and Satan will take note of that precedent. It is the consequences of such a precedent that hold great danger for you, rather than that one initial experience of being hypnotized. Here we are not talking about at what stage drinking too much becomes a sin; here we are talking about at what stage too much drinking makes a person more susceptible to "stage two" influence from Satan.

Anything that leads to less control over our own minds is automatically a factor for predisposing us to "level two" influence from Satan, i. Keep this in mind. You should now also be able to understand why God labels drunkenness as a sin. The reason it is a sin to get drunk is because getting drunk decreases your control over your own mind i. And we always "miss the mark" when we in any way diminish our own control over our minds. Never, under no circumstances whatsoever, does God want us to voluntarily give up even the smallest portion of control over our minds to someone else.

We must always, while we are awake, be in complete control of our minds. The person must voluntarily submit the totality of his own mind to the will of God. This must be an active decision by the person himself. He that has no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls. By "rule over his own spirit" Solomon meant "control over his own mind". With this statement Solomon was specifically talking about "level two". This is a reference to people who lose their temper.

Solomon recognized that a person who has no control over his own mind is highly susceptible to becoming demon-possessed. He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that rules his spirit than he that taketh a city.

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If we are "slow to anger" it means that we ourselves are in control of our minds. We are thinking things through before we take offense or get angry. Our own mental processes are the results of us "ruling over our spirits". They require us to take spontaneous action! To possess our minds for such a brief period of time Satan must get us to respond to something negative without the opportunity to think the matter through.

Such brief periods of demon possession absolutely depend on us responding without having time to evaluate all the relevant factors. Spontaneous negative responses to anything that might happen are always very dangerous, unless those negative reactions are in response to things that are sinful. Then a spontaneous negative response is okay. We need to understand that "level two" demon possession can be extremely brief, just long enough to vent our frustration and anger in a totally ungodly way , i. To be clear: when we scream out in unrestrained anger, then we have allowed a demon to enter our minds for that very brief period of time.

That is precisely how demons respond when their purposes are frustrated. Satan really is "the god of this present age". When this verse i. And so people put it down to the person having lost his temper, or very briefly having "lost his cool". All these multiple millions of episodes every day around the world are a part of the way Satan rules his empire as "the god" of this present age. Are you beginning to grasp the magnitude of the influence which Satan and his demons exert today and right now over us human beings?

Wherein in time past you walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air , the spirit that now works in Greek " en " the children of disobedience: Ephesians At that time in your lives Satan had influenced you just like Satan influences rebellious children. That is the comparison Paul is making here.

And then Paul explains the real problem with rebellious children. Can you see that? Whenever we present a comparison to other people, either the point of comparison has to be immediately obvious, or else we have to spell out our meaning by becoming more specific. For example, if we were to say to someone "you are like a bull", then people might ask themselves: what attributes of a bull do you have in mind But if we say to someone "you are like a bull in a store that sells fragile bone china dinner plates", then that removes the potential ambiguity from our intended meaning.

So here in Ephesians Paul was likewise specific enough with his comparison to rebellious children to show what specifically he was getting at. Paul spelled out that "rebellious children" are in fact demon-possessed. It is the attribute of being demon-possessed that Paul had in mind in this comparison. And while Ephesians gives us some extremely valuable insights for principles we need to apply in our child-rearing practices, Paul himself was not thinking about child-rearing at all when he wrote this.

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Paul himself was thinking about adults who had come into the Church, and who needed a clearer understanding of what they had left behind when they came into the Church. The Greek preposition "en" means "remaining within, inside of". Here Paul is speaking about rebellious children being controlled by Satan " from within themselves ", i. That is what "the spirit working inside of those children" means, that demons are working inside of them.

Had you understood that? So in our context we need to realize that when a small child has an uncontrolled temper tantrum, then at that moment in time that child is in fact demon-possessed. Satan really does work within small children at "level two". And parents of small children need to understand this.

There is no middle ground for the mind of a young child. The parents of small children are always in a battle with Satan over the control of the minds of their small children. And so the total number of rebellious temper tantrums that are thrown by small children around the world every single day are a part of those millions of "level two" attacks that take place every single day.

This "level three"refers to people who have lost almost all control over their own minds. A demon may control their minds anything from hours to days at a time. In extreme cases the demon never leaves them during their waking moments. With "level two" most individuals except for those who respond with fear to such a "level two" episode still do not grasp that they are being manipulated by a demon. Many really believe that it is "their own temper" that they lose, and that they could control it if they wanted to do so. With "level three" the people involved always know that they have a spirit that is influencing them , and pressuring them to do certain things.

They always know that, though they may not always acknowledge this fact to other people because there is a stigma attached to such an acknowledgment. It is no longer hidden or disguised. By "level three" the people are starting to have to pay the full price, and for them the teaser rate has long expired. By that point in time all joy and all peace and everything good has been removed from their lives.

Their lives have become miserable and pathetic. They are helplessly under the control of the demon or demons that have taken over their minds. If "level two" is like a drug dealer offering free samples to potential new customers, then "level three" is the stage where those free samples have produced people who are now thoroughly addicted to those drugs that they had initially received "free of charge".

And for them nothing is free anymore. And so now they will be afflicted by a host of problems, which Satan can impose on them quite arbitrarily. And all of their conduct is invariably self-destructive. Note carefully! At "level three" it becomes imperative that a servant of God casts the demon out of these people. All of the examples that are mentioned in the New Testament were "level three" situations. And the affected people were totally helpless in dealing with the problems themselves. They needed help from outside of themselves. Consider the examples in the New Testament of people being afflicted by demons.

Here is a partial list. Can you recognize those limitations? And the demon can also block and interfere with some of the electro-chemical processes that take place in a healthy brain. We know that those processes in the brain are controlled by thoughts. Our thoughts produce chemical reactions in our brains. This is the premise underlying the lie-detector machine. Demon possession is about getting the chemical and electrical processes in the brain of a human being to function in response to thoughts that were generated in the mind of the demon that is possessing that person.

Normally any actions we perform are in response to thoughts we have processed in our minds. For example, when we get up from sitting on a chair and go outside to our car, then that is in response to us having had a thought like "I need to go to the store to buy some food". The things we do are responses to the thoughts we have processed. Now as far as afflicting the possessed people is concerned:. The clear restriction is that Satan cannot directly afflict human beings with diseases that are caused by germs, bacteria, viruses or poisons.

You may say: what about a demon causing someone to be blind or dumb? No, actually that is not right. Their case also featured claims of wild, ritualistic molestation and expert medical testimony that was later exposed as incorrect. In Arkansas in a trio dubbed the "West Memphis Three" were set free after high-profile campaigns backed by Hollywood celebrities. The men, then teenagers, had been convicted of murdering three boys in after prosecutors claimed the defendants were members of a satanic cult.

The American family was changing, with an increasing number of women going out into the workforce. There was more reliance on daycare and increased anxiety about the welfare of children," she told the Guardian. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics US crime. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Most popular. As the story goes, especially throughout the entire 21st century Christian world of our days and times one could safely say , all Christian believers believe their good creating only God has absolutely nothing at all to do with the existence of the evil adverse existence of Satan existing here on our planet earth, absolutely nothing at all…!

Therefore exactly what are we all left to believe here today; if we were to all go by the majority rule as being proclaimed by the entire Christian world of our day and time, we are only left with but one possible solution to deal with here, God created Satan, emphatically so. Where did he come from and whom do any of us think created old Satan anyway…? If the all-knowing, all-mighty, and the absolute most super powerful Creator there is in and throughout all of existence , and strangely enough some people have said God is not responsible for the origin of evil.

Within the past 45 years alone I have read through the old traditional King James Version Holy Bible no less than 6 times. Who can rightly explain the wondrous mystery behind my now higher understanding into Gods Holy Words or my so-called upgraded manner of understanding and much better education…? Only God knew then and knows now why this exponential learning has unfolded as fast as it did and why it all happened to me within my old age or latter years. Since those very long struggling years attempting to better myself educationally I mean. I found myself standing directly in front of a utility mirror in a drug rehab center in the Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina and looking at a very, very strange reflective type image playing out within the mirror reflection.

Frankly speaking I felt God must have felt it was about time for Him to unpack, undo, and oddly unfold what He had within Godly mind the whole for my life. The vision lasted all night long, from Darkness to Sunup. I finally come to see it was not just for me but for the entire world. I come to learn after some 5 years had past this same vision was the same vision Biblically predicted to come to our last days world, as is clearly found written and recorded in the gospel book of HABAKKUK, chapter 2: verses 2 through 7 2 And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

It also unfolded the exact reason and purpose God unfolded His very official act of creation under Himself. God revealed to me the moving motivating powers working deep inside of Himself and how it was that strong motivating power source strongly moved and compelled Him to start creating all of the things existing under Himself then, and now today. God also clearly showed me in the vision exactly how the mighty archangel called Lucifer was intentionally created just to do His work and His bidding in far the days to come, on our planet earth.

God revealed the mystery of Satan to me and told me one day the world will need to come to see that Satan is merely a tool needed to test and try the human race, to see just how loyal they will be to His honor and His needs to not be all alone again. There is very much more to the Vision but much more than I can put here on these pages. The world has it all wrong and God said the Vision should work to set the lost world right again, but it will come only at it appointed time, so wait for it, it will surely come.

This is all I have to say now, so good bye for now and go with God in your hearts…. Frankly it appears people here get off on saying words that sounds highly important and well educated lingo. Perhaps you people need to work on it a little bit more here and search much deeper into what motivated God to even start His first create act of Godly creation existing under Himself long before Genesis …? There is a whole lot more I could add here but hopefully this will be enough for you…?

A mistake. I should be: there is no causal connection between God, Creator, and creatures devilish acts as privations of good. Genesis 3 did not directly associate a serpent with Satan, but indirectly it says that God is not responsible for the origin of evil acts. C, it fits perfectly with the classical philosophy that evil is a privation of good; therefore not a being being as oneness, truth, and goodness.

Why We’re Afraid of Mormons

Consequently, there is no causal connection between God, Creator, and creatures beings. Too abstract for the ignorant in philosophy and logic? Very Interesting topic. Thanks BAR. More studies can wear us out. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. The above article is full of doctrinal error.

Pandora was specifically instructed not to open the box, but Time seduced her and and she opened the box out of curiosity that brought out death and all the evil of the world.

Our Demons Are Different - TV Tropes

Eve was specifically instructed not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge, but Time seduced her and she ate its fruit out of curiosity that brought death and exile from the garden of eden. Thus Time is the Snake and curiosity is the Satan. After eating the forbidden fruit of knowledge, man became conscious and thus lost the primitive animal innocence, he came to understand death and other natural and artificial evils like illness, war, jealousy, money etc, before that he was just another animal unaware of the death and other evils.

He exiled himself out of the nature into the Civilized world, the artificial villages and cities of the world. The Lord cursed Time the lifetime spent by man on Earth , that it would crawl on its belly and eat dust— The daily grind of the routine work makes us feel like Time is crawling on its belly and nothing lasts forever, youth, beauty, love, money, fame, everything changes to dust in side Time, hence Time eats dust.

Thus Humans have to plan the sowing of seeds ahead of time and then as per the plan procure the seeds, actually perform the actions by moving their hands and feet to sow and subsequently harvest the produce. So He drove out the man; and He placed at the east of the garden of Eden the cherubim, and the flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way to the tree of life. The Young have Hope the flaming sword that can cut through all adversity turned every way so that the Human race keeps procreating and bring forth new generations to keep the way to the tree of life or else if the young are exposed and corrupted by evils of the scientific knowledge, civilization and society, they will decide that the world is too evil to bring forth the next generation and abstain from procreating and the Human race will die out as is happening in the Developed world due to the low birth rates.

Genesis is a very advanced scientific and psychological message in this interpretation, shrouded in the secret code of snake, satan, civilization, youth and hope. If you were bit? Before it, you did your thing — And you lived. This is no small matter, in the lands of cobras, of asps. The Bronze Serpent was destroyed during the reign of Hezekiah c. It was destroyed, because the Israelites were burning incense to it —. For unto these days, were the sons of Israel, making perfume to it. If you read the text critically, you will see, that the issue was not idol worship, nor apostasy, nor the incorporation of foreign gods into the worship of YHWH.

The issue, was the control of all YHWH worship in one single location, under the hand of one small familial group, who were descended from Levi and Aharon. Even some of the Levites — Especially, the descendants of Moshe — Objected, to this abomination of centralization. You have to know what you are reading, within the cultural and historical context of the times, to be able to properly interpret actions — And, more importantly, Within the Mind of YHWH — To Be Able To Understand the motives, which underscore said actions.

Aharon wanted to centralize worship under their control, in the South. I prefer the YHWH who you can kick back with under a tree, in the breezy shade and the grass, by a small flowing stream. Did not even enter into the picture, until after worship was centralized. And the Anointed Enter Within the Sanctuary, in spite of everything that the Church of man does, to prevent it. Thank you for this article. I appreciate the time it took to dig into this.

I will help guide me in my our studies. This was one of the most disappointing articles I have seen in Biblical Archeological Review. Clearly no one qualified reviewed the article before it was published. Here are just a couple of the factual errors:. However, while some do treat the two instances in Nu. The ESV is inconsistent i. Two more could be added if we accepted the contention that instances in Nu. I found this article really interesting. As Christians we are taught that Lucifer, Satan and the devil are one and the same.

Regarding God cursing the serpent to crawl on the ground and what kind of creature was it before it was cursed.

Moral panic

Is there anything in scripture to indicate that the curse on this creature was just to that individual alone? You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life. It would have been even more poignant if it had been. Dustin, quick question, how can Eve know that eating the apple is evil, if she only gains the knowledge of good and evil after having eaten it? As an exegesic reader of the scriptures, and a believer of His preserved Word, I would have to say that you are heretical.

Satan is one of many names given to the fallen angel, just as Savior references Jesus Christ. Is is mentioned, along with evil spirits numerous times in the old and new testiment. He was noted to walk in the garden of Eden until inequity was found in him. Evil and darkness are always the abscence of goodness, not some twisted Mr. Hyde side of God. Please be careful when you post things contrary to God says in His word. The end of Revelations warns you about what may happen.

In Christ always,. And this is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom, but in words taught by the Spirit, expressing spiritual truths in spiritual words. The natural man does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God. For they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.

It would do well for all men to first be born again of the Holy Spirit before writing opinions about the Word of God. You know what, the serpent in the garden of Eden could be symbolic for Satan rather than a talking snake? In a way this symbolism would make sense because the animal we all know that spoke like a man was a donkey of the prophet Baalim but then again the strangest things have happened.

So Satan might have the power to possess animals by making them talk. Mind you he does with humans. I guess its back to the drawing board. Recent scholarship is no proof either. In the end, like the bible, scholarship says what you want it to so. This article provides a useful corrective to anachronistic exegesis of Scripture that would import later ideas into earlier texts.

That said, one needs to distinguish between the purely historical-critical reading of Scripture practiced in biblical studies and the theological reading of Scripture by the Church. In the former, there is no warrant for linking Satan to the serpent, nor for linking the seed of the woman Gen. When Genesis is read through the eyes of Christian faith, however, such readings become plausible and legitimate. From a biblical studies point of view, the writer overstates the claim that the New Testament does not link Satan with the serpent of Eden. While no NT writer makes a straightforward, direct identification between the two, there are a number of texts where a connection may at least be hinted at — not only Rev.

The author would have done well to research recent scholarly commentary on these texts. In fact, Job and Zech. In one of the earliest accounts of a vision of Yahweh presiding over the heavenly court that is described by the prophet Micaiah during the 9th century B. Thus why he talked. Despite the many comments attempting to discredit the above article, the fact remains that there are no references In the Old Testament linking the serpent with Satan. The internet is an example of how information can be used for good and evil and how serpentine entities can slither through a hole in the wall, as the immoral influences slipped in to early Christianity that is mentioned in Jude The introduction of Babylonian and Greek concepts initially into Jewish thought and later into Christian thought led to a belief in a supernatural creature with the capacity to cause humans to sin.

Careful reading of the texts establishes that God at times is the adversary and the false accuser is those that oppose the spread of the Gospel. Would God create a being that could challenge Him and cause untold misery to humans? James But then again this first book of Genesis is a priestly account from the 5th century B. The 10th century B. Sure enough, my discoveries were much as the author describes. Including the anomalous reference in Chronicles in which David is severely reprimanded for taking a census. What could I conclude but that during the interlude between the bulk of writing in the OT and NT, the perspective of the writers had significantly changed.

But why? My intuition is that Persian and perhaps Greek perspectives had been added to the Judean point of view about the human state and the conflicts within creation. My suspect models from elsewhere would be Zoroastrian writings very similar to those in Enoch. The dualistic divide is over truth and falsehood. But how this could have influence beliefs in Judea is difficult to document, if not to surmise. Greek civilization nearly succumbed to the expansion of the Persian Empire since it was relatively poor in resources. But yet our written heritage from Greece is far larger than that of Persia.

But still. Whether we use a close reading of the Bible or not, we still have to debate whether all evil in the world is rooted in human nature or some of it comes from outside. A jury might be confronted with an individual whose crimes exceed what they would have attribute to the abilities of one limited individual. Even on the question of exorcism, regarding the most famous case on which a Hollywood movie was once based, the two priests in the actual case were of two minds. One was sure that he was dealing with the devil. The other was not sure, save for the fact that there was a young man who needed his help.

If I recall correctly, he spent his remaining career as a military chaplain saying that he faced more evil there on the battlefield then he did in that famous incident. And then what are to make of the changed Biblical perspective? Or, should we say, in the NT. Ok, made a mistake…creation of beasts are mentioned in Gen 1 …Anyway. IT would suggest, Satan, was not created at the beginning of creation. Perhaps the background to the account of the accuser tempting David to take a census for the purpose of imposing a draft on men for the military originally comes from the collective memory of the Canaanites under Egyptian domination as was revealed in a recently discovered grave near Tel Shadud in the Jezreel Valley.

Named so after the Egyptian god Set, this Pharaoh was particularly reviled and singled out from the Pharaohs for his heavy-handed policy of sacrificing the heirs of the Canaanite kings to the god Amon at Thebes not unlike the Poles under Soviet domination whose military officers were massacred by Stalin. I find this article a bit too contradictory to be considered academic. Some consider Job as the earliest written book of the Bible. If so the Hebrews had an early example of him that was passed down. The account in 1 Chronicles has an individual Satan not God as she states incorrectly who talks David into taking a census.

Another example is Psalms It identifies Satan and interestingly uses the Hebrew word satan which is translated, adversary,. That the writer uses that word rather than the more common tsar, must give it a higher descriptive meaning. He was, after all, an adversary and an accuser. Satan aka The Devil aka Lucifer aka the Dragon etc.. But Paleo-Hebrew and modern Hebrew DO use the definite article much more than the author claims, what bible is she reading from? Pure dishonesty or pure incompetent study. What pure blind willful error from self-condemned according to God Himself Jesus.

This author actually needs to read the Holy Bible PROPERLY since the commenters on this article have clearly shown by citing the Scriptures properly that her claim is untenable and only tenable to the intellectually dishonest. Utter blindness, what utter dishonesty. The author seems only to be qualified in repeating the countless lies of satan which satan sells to them who love themselves more than the Creator who created them.

More outright utter willful blindness aka intellectual and spiritual dishonesty. What serious intellectual dishonesty. Even when the Emperor of Rome, Emperor Hadrian wrote from the area that Alexander conquered he said;.

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Man refuses Freedom and chooses to operate on a world of Appetite and hence goes against God, or sins and inherits suffering and death. Serpent in the Garden of Eden represents the World of Appetite. I like to know more about this interpretation. An interesting study drawing patently erroneous conclusions. Whether the serpent was an instrument of Lucifer or an embodiment or literary construct, the elemental truth conveyed is that he beguiled the innocent to sin and they became aware ….

Oh and to Ilan, his tongue was forever split — divided- and can never tell the truth, he is the father of lies and told the first lie to the innocent…. Why is it that God never took away the one aspect of the creatures abilities that were his most potent weapon. His ability to speak? Motion and Nourishment both were redone to punish him, but apparently he kept his tongue. Why is that? The explanation about the Serpent in the Garden of Eden is just a way to see how sin and evil worked to make humankind accountable to the Lord for all conscious acts.

Still it is the way we all are accountable to our Maker and the answer will be our own judgment. Google their teachings regarding this subject, its quite interesting and informative. The serpent was the symbol of the goddess Asherah in her role as Goddess of Fertility. The real meaning of the Adam and Eve and the apple story is to portray Asherah worship as the reason for the Fall of Man and exile from Paradise. Many words in the bible have parabolic meaning. A parable has literal application, but is not literal. Good luck with your studies. Revelation He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan, and bound him for a thousand years.

Arthur are you serious? Does it matter if the author is an atheist? Did I read that right? Burrit college tenn: students and an officer report a large UFO Feb. Citizens stated that it was saucer shaped and giving off a green glow Maer. Amazing that so many think these insights are new. This is the view of academics even at places most would consider conservative. He who has ears to hear……. Not having read much of the comments. I reply to the article only: Simply you miss the point that you have made.

In a single phrase: satin is the — Test — of humanity. The measure of each life will be discovered through the purification of fire. I submit to be: The second death. God alone is the Judge, shown in Daniel. The three were NOT cast into the fire as a test, they were cast in for annulation; God found them righteous in representing His Glory, a light for others to Truth. Had nothing to do with proving the man as king was righteous, which would be the intent of burning a person to death to assert their judgement was correct.

Falsely elevating themselves or attempting to bring God down to their understanding. Those articles apply two very different meanings to the following noun. First of all, this article relies almost exclusively on canonical scripture … and the badly abridged Hebrew version too. Any discussion of understanding such a text, including even the works of Shakespeare, must consider more the literature both contemporary and preceding its compilation. In older texts, also, derivative literatures can aid in illuminating the subject texts.

To begin, folks often quickly dismissing New Testament evidence of Jewish belief. The Qumran materials, however, demonstrate that the Christian view if the Satan mythos is clearly shared among other Jewish denominations. Jewish folk tales and commentary also support this image.

Next, poetic language is quite plastic. Describing something as a dragon in one place and a serpent in another is clearly well within the range of such imagery. Another important evidence can be derived from the Ebla materials. For me, on the other hand, the idea central to the article is proposing that people are constantly reviewing their concepts. Just as the modern writer is beleaguered by the need to keep upgrading his software, humans seem always to be engaged in upgrading their understanding of heavenly things.

That seems to be a fairly viable concept! PS … what does it matter whether the author is an atheist or Luther reincarnated? Is the data correct and is the argument logical? I think the data set here is too small. Science and faith are two different ideas one should not try to hurt the faith of faithful people by giving their scientific logic. Paul, I enjoyed reading your 9. Thought provoking and 10 times more information than the lady writing this article. It is sad to see atheists writing for anything biblical.

What can we expect with Satan attempting to destroy a anything good. I am sick and tired of reading articles that start out by telling all about the education of that author. And according to 1 teacher, it matters NOT to how many letters or numbers one has before or after their name. Unless one has Yeshua in their life as Lord and Savior, their education is meaningless; and I agree with that teacher. Something I have also noticed over the years. How does either sever the purpose of supporting Scripture, when your authors are heretics?

This is what I gather from the reading here. It does make sense if this is the intended purpose and claim of this article. Even though ufos by which i presume you mean flying saucers are not proven to exist, have no credible evidence for their existence, and the way we view them is solely an invention of Hollywood. Strange then that you accuse the Biblical authors of referring to myths when you mention nothing more than a modern myth yourself by way of rebuttal. PS your field of study is listed as religion. For reasons I have never understood these issues are very hard to sort through.

The Apostle Paul lays the blame for wrong decisions directly on the heads of those who made them, no outside influences needed. But elsewhere in Scripture we see allusions made that sound contradictory in certain ways. Merely anti-Christian propaganda. The lack of validity to the claims in this article has already been shown by previous posts, so I will add nothing more.

I would like to understand the point to which you are elluding to. So to say that there was no clear indication of the being modern day Jews and Christians know as Lucifer, ha Satan, or the devil; is not necessarily an indication that the being is not real, or that the modern understanding is not based on revelation. I wonder to which alternative reality you, the author, is leaning towards.

And you believe in god? If I am to believe in such a fictitious character, my god would be the Sun…;. I suppose we get used to that these days. Although Academe may require such a jaded view, you are missing a great deal of the dynamic of the Scriptures, whether it be the Tanakh or the NT, and thus you miss all the depth within. I am sad for you — but perhaps hope still abounds. The evil reptile slid through the grass and flowers, now and again, twisting its head towards its tail, licking like a beast grooming itself.

Now-a-days an artist can simply rehash old music with a digitally remastered box set. The ancient Egyptians possessed books on magic in which every known reptile was drawn from snakes to lizards all the way up the chain to crocodiles and this seems to have been known to the author of the book of Exodus where Moses throws down his staff in a dress rehearsal and it became a serpent Heb.

The text emphasis the plurality of the Egyptian gods who maintain the checks and balances necessary to restore civility following the murder of the god Osiris at the hands of the god Set the biblical Satan and the ensuing rivalry between Set and the offspring of the deceased Osiris, the god Horus, whose quarreling caused Egypt to be divided between north and south. From the Nag Hammadi library dating to the mid-4th century C.

Pritchard, p. Schwaller de Lubicz, That crap image is from Renaissance Art, not Biblical text. Just go look at a pictorial glossary of known Dinosaurs. They ALL have their bellies off the ground, both quadrupeds and bipeds. But what do we see today with lizards? Not just snakes. Revelation 12;9 — And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. Dragons were real, and large, and majestic.

They are clearly what people regard today as dinosaurs. The Leviathan of Job 41 is a beast that lives in the water, considered by many the hippopotamus of the Nile, and not merely a serpent as in Isaiah though they seem to share some physical features. It would serve as a potent political metaphor for Hobbes many centuries later. To understand the evolution of the devil as Satan is inalienable from our understanding of the evolution of evil in the two bibles Old and New.

The same is true of God. In Genesis he goes for a walk in the afternoon breeze. Clearly a very physical presence. I disagree, but am interested. The serpent speaks to Eve in the Bible, showing it is not an average animal. The serpent, dragon, etc imagery of and in the book of Revelation is clearly not hearkening back to prehistoric monsters or myths.

Read in context it is clearly not some random, massive animal or sea monster, but an enemy of God and the spiritual order God has set up. In short the author brings up problems, but not insurmountable ones. Word Origin of Hebrew origin satan Definition the adversary, Satan, i. My Bible software Accordance shows 27 occurrences of satan, 19 of which have the article ha. Would like to know how the author arrived at her statistics.

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