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  1. Prevenção da violência escolar: uma revisão da literatura
  2. Portuguese vocabulary
  3. Bush's southern flank
  4. Social channels

Boa tarde. Boa noite. OK, done sucking up? Use these phrases with your friends or someone you just met at a party. How are ya?

Prevenção da violência escolar: uma revisão da literatura

How you doing? What are you up to? Whatcha up to, fool? Que foi, rapaz? Literally, What went? Na boa.

Portuguese vocabulary

Literally, "only. Start your free 30 days. Page 1 of 1.

Close Dialog Are you sure? Also remove everything in this list from your library. Are you sure you want to delete this list? Remove them from Saved? No Yes. Explore now. His uncompromising attitude towards domestic separatist groups like ETA has made it easier for him to support America's "war on terror". Some political analysts believe he may also be motivated by his own political future.

But an international political career?

Bush's southern flank

Now that is a different game altogether. He could very well be eyeing it and the support of the Americans would be crucial," says executive director of Portuguese newspaper Diario de Noticias, Maria de Lurdes Vale. Being isolated in Europe has become a secondary consideration to isolation within Iberia: "Durao is sticking to Spain not to be left out. Portugal may have felt that by joining Bush it too would be seen as a big player.

A shame then that most newspapers around the world cropped Durao out of the photo of the Azores "war council", as he stood next to Bush, Blair and Aznar. Portugal may win praise from its coalition allies - for example in Jack Straw's claim that Portugal is the United Kingdom's "oldest ally".

But few in Portugal believe that the talk amounts to very much: "Barroso is trying to put us on the map but he is doing it in all the wrong ways" argues Francisco Louca, the deputy leader of the left wing Bloco de Esquerda Portuguese party, who is seen as one of the leading intellectual thinkers of the Portuguese left. So far the opposition parties in southern Europe seem to have made more concrete gains from the Iraq issue than the Mediterranean governments. The issue has been a godsend for the parties of the left, which had, in all three countries, been demoralised by the fallout from their own days in power.

The left has done all they can to organise the anti-war protests which have re-energised political activism.

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For the first time since Aznar took power in , his government trails the socialists in the opinion polls. In Portugal and Italy, the left has also made gains, albeit less dramatically, and have put their divisions aside. But for how long? The next general election is not for another three years time so the war - even a long one - may not have any significant impact unless things go really wrong," says Francesco Grillo, of the Italian think tank Vision. And if the left fails to capitalise on the anti-war sentiment, the southern European pro-Bush alliance may suffers less politically than many would expect.

And, whatever the domestic consequences, the greatest fallout may turn out to be on the European stage. One day soon European diplomats will have to work out how to put the pieces back together after the biggest public diplomatic spat for a generation.

Social channels

Those like Blair, Aznar, Berlusconi and Barroso can hardly deny that they have acted against the mainstream of European public opinion, even if they reject the charge that they are America's puppets as simplistic. And yet the argument about 'who split Europe' is far from straightforward. Some in southern Europe have felt that their views have tended to be marginalized in recent years: that the Franco-German alliance will decide for Europe and that it will be assumed that the rest will follow.